If you fancy being a pet parent but prefer a pet, that’s less aggressive than a cat or dog, then a rabbit might be your next best choice. These fluffy little creatures are lovely and affectionate, to say the least. But, how do you choose the best indoor rabbit hutch for your furry ball of love and affection?

Other than hopping around the house or your compound, rabbits love being around humans and are friendly pets. Whether you are looking for a TV-watching companion or a play pal, a bunny is an ideal choice. Because bunnies are not sedentary pets, they can be kept in versatile indoor rabbit houses but also given some freedom to roam around the house.

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Living World Deluxe Habitat
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  • Quality workmanship
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Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage
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Of course, you will need to rabbit-proof the house to minimize any chances of damage or your bunny getting in harm’s way. While rabbits respond well to litter training, it is a best practice to get them their own indoor rabbit hutch. Somewhere they can relax in their own space.

Understandably, a majority of pet rabbit owners prefer housing their fur balls inside the house. Still, getting an indoor rabbit hutch is critical regardless of how thoroughly rabbit-proofed your house is or how well-trained your bunny is.

How To Choose A House For Your Indoor Rabbit

Indoor rabbit houses don’t need to be a complicated purchase. However, there are a few considerations that go into the decision when it comes to picking the best indoor rabbit hutch. Before we take a look at the indoor rabbit hutches, let’s look at the factors to consider when choosing one.

Which is Better Between An Indoor Cage And An Outdoor Hutch?

An indoor rabbit hutch provides your rabbit with a habitat just for them inside your house. The design of indoor rabbit hutches features enclosed sides with extra features such as removable bottom pans. These allow for easy cleaning and passage of feeding dishes. Most indoor rabbit hutches also feature ample space where your bunny can exercise and sleep.

Outdoor rabbit hutches can offer some protection, but they also mean that your rabbit is lonelier outside than they would be if they were inside your house. In addition, outdoor rabbit hutches are also vulnerable to predator damage, weather conditions, and they might collect herbicides and pesticides used outdoors.

There are potentially more dangers when a rabbit is in an outdoor rabbit hutch at night when coyotes, dogs, raccoons, and even cats are bolder to attack. If your rabbit must stay outside, keep it in an enclosure such as a garage or a shed rather than in an outdoor rabbit hutch in the open.

Alternatively, you can purchase an indoor rabbit hutch and reinforce it with a wooden enclosure or a wireframe enclosure to keep predators at bay and shelter them from the elements.

Regular Or Multi-Level

The industry standard for indoor rabbit hutches and outdoor rabbit hutches is a choice of two styles. Pet rabbit owners can choose between the standard single-level indoor rabbit hutch and the multi-level outdoor or indoor rabbit house. For the standard single-level indoor rabbit hutch, the same area is used for exercise, eating, and sleeping.

On the other hand, multi-level rabbit hutches offer more space for rabbits that are more active.


 The rabbit hutch you might need for a Florida White might not be the best size for a Flemish Giant. Different sized rabbits may require different sized cages. A good practice is to purchase a rabbit hutch that provides your bunny with plenty of space to move around and exercise.

If your rabbit is still young, consider their adult size when buying a hutch so they have enough space as they grow and as adults. Of course, the size of your rabbit hutch also depends on the amount of space you have in your house or apartment.

However, generally, the bigger the hutch, the better it is with a good size being four times bigger than your rabbit. Two-level rabbit hutches seem like a popular design, and you can always consult a vet for guidance.

Durability And Flexibility

Naturally, rabbits will persistently chew and dig – they have a talent for it. For this reason, it is crucial that you choose a cage that can withstand the kind of abuse a bunny would inflict. The best rabbit house will feature heavy-duty materials such as metals or strong plastics.

Even as you shop for a durable rabbit hutch, looking for a flexible one might save you space when you don’t need the hutch up. A flexible hutch also saves storage space and is easier to move around whether you are changing its position in the house, moving houses, or traveling.


Grass and sisal mats, as well as straw and hay, are a good litter option to line the floor of your rabbit hutch and provide traction if the hutch has a solid floor. Other alternatives include fleece blankets and carpet pieces. However, you should monitor your bunny to ensure it is not unraveling and consuming synthetic litter.

Because wood shavings from the likes of cedar and pine produce aromatics, they should be used with caution as they may affect some metabolic processes in your pet. If you must use wood shavings, hardwoods such as Aspen offer a better and safer alternative.

Removable Bottom Pan And Urine Guard

Cleaning your rabbit’s hutch should be done as frequently as possible or as much as is needed. A removable bottom pan makes this easier while a urine guard protects against the mess of spills.

Other than the factors we have looked at above, you will need to invest in certain accessories if you want to keep your bunny comfortable. Things like water and hay dispensers are excellent accessories. You’ll also need a litter box if the rabbit hutch you purchase does not come with one and a few toys to keep your rabbit busy.

Without further ado, below are some of the best indoor rabbit hutches.

AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

The AmazonBasics Pet Habitat indoor rabbit hutch features enough creature comforts to keep your rabbit well-housed. The hutch features an all-plastic bottom and a wireframe top. The bottom, being all plastic is easy to clean and does not retain or absorb urine or spilled water. Thus, unlike some other cages, this one won’t be stinking any time soon.

On one side of the hutch is a raised balcony which your rabbit can access via the attached ramp. The top of the balcony creates a nice chill spot for your rabbit and additional space. In addition, the fact that it is raised means there is room below it where your rabbit can “hide”.

The upper wireframe has two access points, one at the top, and another on one side. These openings make it easy to clean and supports access whenever you want to let your rabbit out or clean the hutch. If you own other pets such as ferrets, guinea pigs, and even chinchillas, this versatile hutch will house them without any modifications.

AmazonBasics Pet Habitat
AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

A jumbo small-animal habitat for pet rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, or chinchillas.

And that’s not all!

Amazon has done you one better and included some much-needed accessories. These include a non-drip water bottle which prevents spill messes and a hay guard that makes it easy to feed your rabbit without worrying about making a mess.

What we like:

  • The extra accessories mean you don’t have to spend more buying them or wait until you get a water bottle and hay guard
  • Easy assembly and accessibility thanks to multiple openings
  • Creature comforts and extra accessories

Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe Habitat

Spacious, rugged, and solidly built, that is what you get with the Living World Deluxe Habitat. This deluxe indoor rabbit hutch gives you everything you need to comfortably house your furry pal. The bottom features a plastic base while the top is a wire mesh.

If your rabbit plays around a lot, you will want to go for the large hutch. The reason for this is to prevent poop and debris from being flung about when your rabbit decides it’s time to scratch and run around. The top and bottom is easy to attach as the hutch comes with plastic clips and the removable wire frame means the cage is pleasantly easy to clean.

The top of the wireframe also features latched doors for easy access. On one side, like with the AmazonBasics, the Living World Deluxe features a balcony accessible via a ramp. The hutch also comes with a drip-proof water bottle and a tip-proof feeding bowl.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

A hybrid cage, consisting of an upper wire frame and a plastic bottom base, provides a safe, well ventilated and comfortable place for small pets.

What we like:

  • Available in different sizes
  • Hybrid construction with a plastic bottom and wireframe top
  • Quality workmanship
  • Safe and comfortable for rabbits and other small house pets

Yaheetech 37/52 Inch Indoor Cage

Yaheetech 37/52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage

If your pet rabbit is energetic and likes moving around, then this Yaheetech indoor rabbit hutch is an ideal buy. The multi-level indoor rabbit house comes with a respectable 5 platforms with ramps connecting each making it a welcome site for peppy rabbits.

The indoor rabbit house features multiple front-facing doors making every level easily accessible. The doors are latch secured to keep the pets safe, and the hutch comes in a smooth, glossy finish. With its rounded corner designs, you can rest assures that it is designed to minimize any hazards for you and your pet.

The ramps feature an arc, convex figured design to boost safety while your rabbit climbs up or down platforms. At the bottom of this indoor rabbit hutch is a slide-out tray to ease cleaning, and that is separated by a mesh panel to prevent your rabbit from walking or laying on their own mess.

With 360-degree heavy-duty swivel wheels, the hutch is easily movable to any corner of the house for easy cleaning or a simple change of scenery. To top it all, the Yaheetech indoor rabbit house also comes with a complimentary water bottle and a pet bowl to ease feeding and reduce messes.

Our only problem is that this might not be the best for really small rabbits as they might fall off the ramps while bigger ones like the Flemish Giant might have a hard time as the hutch is on the smaller side. However, medium-sized rabbits will easily have enough space to maneuver and exercise.

Yaheetech 37/52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage
Yaheetech 37/52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage

A durable and sturdy pet cage. The pet ferret cage is made from 0.51'' iron frame wire.

What we like:

  • The multi-level design increases hutch space upward which saves on space
  • Removable tray and multiple hutch doors make cleaning easy
  • Rounded corners for injury-proofing
  • Water bottle and pet bowl are welcome accessories

Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Hutch

Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

If you are looking for a starter cage for your pet rabbit, look no further than the Midwest Wabbitat folding indoor rabbit house. It is also one of the best on our list if you are on a tight budget. However, despite its lower price, the Midwest Wabbitat has what it takes to keep your rabbit happy.

For starters, this is one rabbit cage with so much space that adult rabbits will fit in comfortably. The design features a latch at the top and on the sides and both are easily operated using a single hand. The bottom features a removable pan making it easy to clean and keeping your surfaces protected from urine damage.

It also comes with a urine guard to prevent urine splash and keep your home clean. The only downside of this indoor rabbit house is its all wireframe construction. With this design, chances of rabbit food and litter being strewn all over your floor increase significantly. Other than that, the Midwest Wabbitat has virtually no faults.

Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage
Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

A specially designed large indoor rabbit cage that should be suitable for a large bunny or two small ones.

What we like:

  • Big enough to easily house adult rabbits comfortably
  • One of the more affordable indoor rabbit houses
  • Extremely easy to set up and manipulate

Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

If you are looking for versatility, style, and space, this Krolik indoor rabbit house is easily one of the best. Right out of the box, the knockdown design is an instant hit as it makes it easy to transport and store when not in use. So, what do you get with the Ferplast Krolik indoor rabbit house?

Like most other indoor cages above, this cage features a deep plastic bottom with 5.5” raised sides which enables it to prevent straw and litter flinging all over your house. The top is a wireframe and on one side, it has a wood extension. The wood extension is enclosed giving your rabbit a secluded place they can nest and relax.

The front of the wireframe has a full-length swivel door while the top of the extension also features a lockable door for easy access. This hutch boasts a host of other accessories to boost your rabbits’ comfort. These include a shelf where you can place the tip-proof feeding bowl to prevent litter from getting into the feeding bowl. In addition, it comes with a water bottle that you can firmly fix on the side of the rabbit hutch.

Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

Measures 55.9L x 23.62W x 19.7H inches & includes a wire extension ideal for nesting that can be separated from the rest of the cage providing a lots of space & maximum comfort.

What we like:

  • The Krolik features an innovative design with plenty of space for your rabbit
  • The knockdown design saves on storage space when traveling or storing the hutch
  •  The enclosed wood extension gives your rabbit a private relaxation space

For those who prefer to house their rabbits outdoors, there many outdoor rabbit hutches to choose from. Below, we take a look at some outdoor rabbit cages.

Petsfit Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages

This Petsfit rabbit hutch is a perfect fit for your pet rabbit. The Hutch boasts a beautiful design complete with a miniature house. This two-level outdoor rabbit hutch features a sturdy design and quality construction to keep your rabbit protected against predators and the elements.

Still, we still recommend that pet rabbits are best housed indoors or in a secure, enclosed space such as a garage or shed especially at night when you can’t monitor it outdoors.

This hutch is easy to put together even with the solid wood build and its asphalt roof. The little house on top keeps the rain out while the bottom wireframe cage provides a secure space for your rabbit to exercise and play. For easy cleaning, the roof is detachable while the whole unit features three lockable entry points.

The well-laid-out ventilation points around the hitch make it easy to keep an eye on your rabbit. Overall, the hutch sports a well-thought-out design with protection and practicality in mind making it one of the best outdoor rabbit cages in the market.

Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages
Petsfit Outdoor Rabbit Cage

Made of sturdy wooden pieces and cage is made of wire that won’t be able to chew through.

What we like:

  • The unit is easy to assemble
  • The design gives the hutch a homey feeling with comfort at heart
  • Multiple access points and a sliding tray for easy cleaning

Purlove Pet Rabbit Wooden Cage

Purlove Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden House Chicken Coop for Small Animals

The Purlove does one better over the Petsfit size-wise. The design of this Purlove outdoor rabbit hutch will easily accommodate bigger rabbits than the Petsfit will courtesy of its bigger plinth area. The hutch design features plenty of roaming and exploration room with the ground floor acting as the play area.

The hutches’ first-level features a rabbit-safe powder coated wire mesh enclosure which perfectly meshes the inside of the cage with the openness of the outdoors. It also allows a 360-degree view for both you and your pet rabbit.

At the top is a cottages style house featuring non-toxic paint finish, wood construction, and a weatherproof asphalt roof. To easily access all the areas of the hutch, it has three strategically placed doors and for even easier cleaning; the hutch has three pull out trays.

Purlove Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden House Chicken Coop for Small Animals
Purlove Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden House Chicken Coop

This is a multi-level deluxe hutch for outdoor and indoor use.

The top and bottom of this multi-level rabbit hutch are connected by a slip-proof ramp.

What we like:

  • Large and weather and predator-proof hutch for ultimate comfort
  • Excellent aeration and easy access to the interior
  • Well-thought-out layout with easy-to-clean features
  • Excellent value for money

Tangkula Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Cage

Tangkula Chicken Coop, Wooden Large Outdoor Poultry Cage

With the homely feel that this outdoor rabbit hutch embodies, your rabbit is set to enjoy the open spaces and enclosed private elevated house. The lower and upper levels are connected by a ramp allowing your pet rabbit to access the weatherproof top house. The hutch features bare wood constructions with the wood featuring a clear coat of non-toxic varnish.

Both levels have a roof to protect your rabbit from the rain while the lower level is enclosed in wire mesh for a 360-degree view. The design itself makes this one of the most versatile outdoor rabbit hutches. The construction material is premium fir wood making this a sturdy and durable unit.

The top nesting area features a door that opens on the front and a pull-out tray making this hutch ideal for other pets such as birds of all types. It is spacious and sports multiple access points for easy cleaning and feeding.

Tangkula Chicken Coop, Wooden Large Outdoor Poultry Cage
Tangkula Chicken Coop, Wooden Large Outdoor Poultry Cage

Sturdy construction and weatherproof, constructed by premium natural fir wood and painted with eco-friendly waterproof non-toxic varnish.

What we like:

  • Versatile and practical enough to house different types of pet comfortably
  • Clear wood finish gives the hutch a natural look and feel
  •  Sturdy and easy to assemble

Final Thoughts

There are many other rabbit hutch choices available and hopefully, the list above will give you a starting point. A point to emphasize when buying a rabbit hutch is to shop for your rabbit and not for yourself.

While you might want the prettiest of the lot, is it the most functional for your rabbit? Rather than choose a hutch that appeals to your sense of fashion and style, you should consider how comfortable your rabbit will be in the hutch you choose.

Essentially, the things you would be looking for are space, comfort, and security. If you want a hutch that you can use both indoors and outdoors, you are better off buying an outdoor hutch. Although they are marketed as outdoor hutches, they can also be used indoors. On the other hand, there are some indoor hutches you don’t want to use outdoors as they won’t offer adequate protection.

In the end, the buck stops with you, but be sure to make the choice logically and not emotionally. Happy shopping. 

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