Complete Guide To Living with A House Bunny

You may or may not have taken to the idea that a rabbit is a pet and should be with you, inside your home, enjoying the same luxuries as the dog, cat, guinea-pig, hamster, gerbil, mouse, snake, parrot, etc. 

But where are most of our bunnies? The United States 3rd most popular pet is more than likely at the bottom of the garden, usually on their own, in a tiny hutch, with nothing to do!

Of course, there are many bunnies that are not treated this way and there are lots of owners who enjoy the social benefits of having their rabbits live with them in their homes. This way of thinking is gradually becoming the norm. 

This detailed page should go some way to address any lack of understanding as far as the ‘indoor rabbit’ is concerned.

House Rabbit Society

Their philosophy, mission and about the valuable work they do for the welfare of all domestic pet rabbits.

Rabbit History

When did rabbits become part of the family? Here’s a little look back in time that should help to understand how they became a part of our lives indoors.

Spaying & Neutering

Why is this so important for house rabbits? What are the benefits?

Find out everything you need to know here.

House Bunny Training

Yes! You can ‘train’ your rabbit! They love it too. 

Learn about litter box training, harness training & clicker training here.

Bunny Proofing Your Home

Rabbits like to chew, nibble and dig, but why do they love doing it to our precious carpets, furniture & shoes!?

Understand why and the prevention techniques here.

Indoor Rabbit Diet

There are a few little diet differences that you may wish to understand with rabbits that live indoors.

This page will give you everything you need to know.

Indoor Rabbit Health

Indoor rabbits need some specific health care, for example, their claws and teeth don’t get the natural wear they need.

This page will help you keep your indoor rabbit healthy.

House Bunny Grooming

Having your bunny in the house means keeping them clean, and free of diseases that may affect you.

Learn why the best grooming routines for your indoor rabbits.


Indoor rabbits need space and exercise.

Here are some important points about housing requirements, living space and exercise routines.

Equipment & Supplies

If you have a new housemate about to move in, you may want to check the checklist first!

Indoor Rabbit Behavior

You’re going to get to see rabbits at their best when they live with you. Here’s some help with understanding their signals, body language & sounds, and why they do the naughty things they do in your house!


Rabbits can learn to love living with other pets in your house.

Learn about the interaction between house rabbits and other pets and how you can make it work for you.

Handling House Rabbits

You’ll be handling your house bunny a lot more than if they were outside, so learn the techniques involved with correct handling.

Living with Disabled Rabbits

Every rabbit deserves a happy and pain-free life. The House Rabbit Society are experts in this field. They have extensive information on how to care for sick, injured and disabled rabbits.

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Miranda Hawkins
Miranda currently lives just outside Colorado Springs, Colorado with her husband, 8-year old son, and what she lovingly calls her “zoo.” Miranda grew up in the Midwest and always had animals around while growing up. After graduating from college, she married her husband Sam and they moved to the mountains of Colorado where Miranda became very involved with the regional rabbit rescues.

Currently, her “zoo” includes two dogs, one rambunctious cat, and three indoor rabbits. Oliver, a delightful Black Otter Holland Lop, and Juniper, a gorgeous Opal Satin Angora, are a bonded pair and have been together for three years.

She had the pleasure of adding an energetic Fawn Flemish Giant to her family one year ago, named Sir Gregor. He had been abandoned outside a pet store and was put up for adoption. Miranda feels very blessed to have this lovable lagomorph living amongst her family and is a strong advocate for educating people about rabbits and how special they truly are.

Miranda has put together a team of rabbit lovers and breeders from across the country and hopes you will find the information and resources on the site beneficial. She loves to hear from her readers and looks forward to seeing many more people become loving responsible bunny parents.