The British red New Zealand is recognized by the BRC (British Rabbit Council) but not the ARBA, (American Rabbit Breeders Association).

Note: The British New Zealand Red is recognized as a completely different breed than the American version which recognizes the red as a color within the New Zealand rabbit breed. The British version is a lighter red color and weighs a full 8 to 10 lbs less.

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Breed NameBRC CodeARBA CodeCountry of Origin
British New Zealand RedN25Czech Republic

The BRC Show Standard Points For The New Zealand Red Are As Follows:

  • Color…45
  • Coat…30
  • Type…25

Total Points…100


New Zealand rabbits came from a complicated background of various breeding programs across the United States. The New Zealand Red was the first type created and the other varieties were developed from them. 

NZ Red Rabbits were very successfully bred in California and Indiana from 1906 to 1925. The New Zealand White first appeared in 1917 in America and was imported into the UK after the Second World War (1945).


The BRC recognizes just the one variety – the red one!

Size, Weight, Shape & Ears


The British NZ Red is classed as a medium-sized rabbit as it is a little smaller than the American version. 


An adult’s ideal weight is 8 lbs but type proportions and overall condition are more important than their actual weight.


The head should be medium in size, full and shapely. The NZ Red should have fairly broad shoulders, a slightly arched back and a broad, medium-length body. The legs should be straight with a medium with medium bone and good firm flesh.


The ears are of medium length and held upright. Slightly dark ear tips or ears with any white hairs or ears being lighter in color than the body would be considered a fault in the breed standard.


British Red New Zealand is lighter than the American version. The coat is a bright golden red with a sheen. The eye circles are to be white and as small as possible. Ears, face, and feet should match body color.

Fur Type / Coat


The coat should be dense, harsh in texture, lying close to the body, and with plenty of guard hairs.


The British New Zealand Red has an average life span of between 6 and 10 years, with the correct diet, care, and housing.


New Zealand’s are great with kids and other pets. They don’t mind being handled correctly and rarely show aggression. They are a great beginner bunny as they are calm, easy-going, rarely bite, and friendly. 

Breed Status

All New Zealand Rabbits, including the British Red, are safe and not endangered. They are not on any “at-risk” registers anywhere around the world. 

Rabbit Care & Handling

New Zealand Reds are comfortable both indoors and outdoors. Their easy-going attitude makes them the ideal indoor pet. Rabbit proof their area as they like to nibble on anything they find on the floor. Give them plenty of room to run around, access to fresh hay, pellets, and freshwater.  

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