The American Fuzzy is not recognized by the British Rabbit Council (BRC) but is included as a breed by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

Breed NameBRC CodeARBA CodeCountry of Origin
American Fuzzy Lop (AFL)AFUnited States

ARBA Schedule Of Points

General Type….84

  • Head….24
  • Ears….10
  • Crown….8
  • Body….32
  • Bone….10


Color & Markings….4


Total Points….100


People wanted a small, woolly, lop-eared rabbit. Holland Lops were bred with French Angoras and after many tries, the American Fuzzy was created. After many attempts, the American Fuzzy was accepted by the ARBA as a recognized breed in 1988.


  • Agouti
  • Tan
  • Ticked
  • Self-Shaded
  • Broken
  • Pointed White
  • Wide Band

Size, Weight, Shape & Ears


The American Fuzzy is about the same size as a Holland Lop and is classed as a small breed.


The American Fuzzy can weigh up to 4 pounds. 


The body is to be short, massive, and thickset. The topline shoulder starts behind the head and continues equally to the hindquarters. When viewed from the front, the chest should be broad, exhibiting width between the front legs. The shoulders should be short with depth nearly equal to width, but not exceeding the width of the hindquarter. The hindquarter should be broad, deep, and well-rounded with depth to approximate width. The animal should be well muscled. A small, simple dewlap is permitted in does.


Ears and crowns work hand-in-hand, and together, they account for 18 points. If there is poor shape to the crown, the ears will be affected negatively.


Agouti: Lynx, Squirrel, Chestnut, Opal, and Chinchilla

Self Group: Chocolate, Blue, Blue-eyed White, Ruby-eyed White, Black, and Lilac

Point White Group: Pointed White

Wide Banned Group: Fawn, Orange

Shaded Group: Tortoise Shell, Sable Point, Siamese Smoke, and Siamese Pearl, 

Fur Type / Coat


The long hair of an American Fuzzy is referred to as “wool.” It can be spun into yarn, and is coarser than the wool of an Angora. It does not tangle or mat easily making the American Fuzzy much easier to care for. 


AFLs are a playful and very social breed with lots of personality. They make excellent pets. They enjoy spending time with their owners and other rabbits.


Known as “The Head of the Fancy” the American Fuzzy was developed mainly to be exhibited. 

Breed Status

AFLs are currently not at risk and are increasing in popularity around the world.

Rabbit Care & Handling

AFLs do not require daily grooming except during a molt.  Every few days you should run your fingers through a Fuzzy’s wool. 

Here is a list of resources to help you care for your rabbits…

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