The Altex is not a recognized show breed by either the British Rabbit Council (BRC) or the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

But still, a breed none the less and its creation was developed over 20 generations so it’s an important one.

Breed NameBRC CodeARBA CodeCountry of Origin

History Of The Altex Rabbit


The Altex was originally created as a meat rabbit and named for the two Universities that co-created it Alabama and Texas. 

Pronounced “all tex”, the breed was the product of Flemish Giant, Californian, and Argente de Champagne crossings and also later with the New Zealand.


The breed was created in 1986 by mating purebred Californian (CAL), Champagne d’Argent (CHA), and Flemish Giant (FG) rabbits. The FG bucks were bred with CAL and CHA does to produce two first-generation (F1) lines. These F1 animals were bred to produce a second-generation line (F2). All F2 rabbits were 1/2 FG, 1/4 CAL, and 1/4 CHA. 

Altex Varieties

There’s only one variety of Altex as far as color goes and that’s the white one with gray pointing.

Size, Weight, Shape & Ears


The Alaska rabbit is a large rabbit.


Mature rabbits weigh in excess of 13 pounds, regardless of sex.






The adult Altex a white rabbit much like the Californian.  They have gray points on their ears, feet, tail, and nose. 

Fur Type / Coat






The Altex has a gentle disposition, is not aggressive in any way, and is very easy to handle.

Breed Status

Although not a rare breed, you may have trouble finding a breeder in your local area.

Rabbit Care & Handling

Here is a list of resources to help you care for your rabbits…

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